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Staining a Deck

Our Paint & Stain Programs

We feature Majic brand wall and house paints, as well as camouflage, rust resistant, and tractor and implement paints. Majic paints are made by the Yenkin - Majestic Paint Corporation, long known in the industry as a premier manufacturer of resins. Majic paints are unequaled in quality and value, and we offer them at very competitive prices.

Various Finishing Products

We Mix Paint!

We also feature interior and exterior wood stains, masonry coatings and accessories by ZAR, based in Scranton, PA. This line of products has won many awards for durability, ease of application, and versatility. ZAR Deck and Siding Stain come with a 15 year guarantee when applied to vertical surfaces, and are warranted for 5 years on deck surfaces, and can be tinted to many colors. We carry clearcoats and stain/poly combinations, as well as clear masonry and wood sealers and toners.

Brushes Brush & Swatches Paint Swatches

Color It!

We can tint our Majic house and wall paints to over 1,000 colors! There's bound to be the perfect shade for your project!

AND>>>We can tint our Zar brand Deck and Siding Stains to match or complement most any outdoor color scheme!

We have paintbrushes, rollers, pans, tape, thinners and everything else you need to prepare and complete your project, and clean up. We also stock quality artist's brushes, and Wagner paint sprayers and parts!