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Do you have an anti-discrimination policy?

Yes! H&B Hardware does not discriminate in hiring, salary, customer service, choosing suppliers, or in any other area of business on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, gender expression, gender orientation, political views, or disability, except that our store is not wheelchair accessible (there is nothing we can do about that), and that employees are required to do sometimes heavy physical work. Please contact us immediately if at any time you feel that we've discriminated against you in any of these areas, and we will take immediate corrective action.

What is our return policy?

With certain exceptions, you may return anything you buy from us at any time, for any reason, no questions asked. A receipt is required for all returns. Please tell us if the item(s) you are returning is defective. The following are nonreturnable: most power tools, Case knives, Swiss Army knives, Zippo lighters, Leatherman tools, and Maglites (these are covered under the manufacturer's warranty), anything cut to size or length (for instance, rope, tubing, glass, chain, pipe, etc.), and anything which shows signs of customer abuse. Anything else is returnable, but you must have your receipt.

Does H&B Hardware donate to charitable causes?

We value our community and role in it, and we are pleased to support causes which are of benefit to the community. We are able to donate merchandise (but not cash) for Chinese auctions, door prizes, etc., as long as the cause is not for profit, is intended to help others, and is operated by a known community organization. In addition, we frequently help with supplies for senior projects at the West Branch Schools. Donations usually require management approval. PLEASE STOP IN AND TALK WITH US. Mailed requests are at risk of getting lost.

Senior Citizens Discount

Senior citizens, age 55 and over, receive a 5% discount on Wednesdays. Please remind the cashier that you are eligible for this discount.

What about the laundromat?

The laundry adjacent to the hardware store is part of our business. Please see us for change, or with concerns or complaints related to the laundry.

What about special orders?

We can special order almost anything. However, if we have to order from a manufacturer, there are usually minimums that need to be met, and this may pose problems. Please ask. If we can order from one of our regular suppliers, there is usually no trouble in getting your item quickly and at a competitive price. We do not ask for payment in advance for special orders, but shipping charges may apply.

Can I contact you by email?

Yes! Our address is hnb4you@gmail.com. Our inbox is checked regularly and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

May I open a charge account at H&B Hardware?

We accept new charge accounts for businesses, with credit approval. We no longer open charge accounts for individuals, and we regret this inconvenience.

What does "H&B" mean?

H&B stands for Helen and Bill (Beagle), the original operators of the store.

Do you offer discounts?

Our discount policy is under revision, but we do offer discounts to customers whose purchases are at certain levels. Not all items are eligible for discounts. Only store management is able to make decisions on specific requests for discounts. See also Senior Citizens Discount.

Do you try to buy American made products?

We do. We support the minimum standards of living and environmental priorities which exist here, but which, in many other nations do not. We also believe in buying as locally as possible. Unfortunately, though it is possible to "buy American," doing so comes at a much higher price tag, and this is largely because most manufacturers have outsourced production. We do not like this, but it is a fact. Store management is chagrined by the proliferation of treaties such as NAFTA and the proposed TPP, but has decided that in order to make things as affordable as possible, we will seek out the best available quality at the best possible prices, and this frequently requires doing business abroad. We very much regret this reality.

Why is there a charge for prepaid UPS packages?

UPS advised us to charge $10 for shipping prepaid packages; we charge $3. UPS charges us a weekly fee for stopping every day at the store to pick up packages. We have to pay this fee, whether or not we have any packages to ship. Most days, we have no outgoing packages, and the minimal charge helps to cover our cost for providing this service. UPS charges $10 for stopping at a residence to pick up any package, prepaid or not.

Do you cut lumber and plywood to size?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this service.

Can I ask to "talk to 'a guy?'"

We're sorry, our phone is answered by the available associate nearest to the phone when it rings, and customers in the store are served by the first available associate. Sometimes this is "a guy," but many times it is not. The women on our staff know more than most men and can answer all questions except those which need an answer from the manager.

Why is your staff so smart and good looking?

We hire for brains; we luck into the beauty.

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